About Julia

Hello, I am Julia Larson, the founder of Urban Flora Doula Care. I'm based in Oakland, California, and I provide care for families throughout the greater bay area.

Urban Flora Doula Care is committed to finding the beauty & balance

between our deep-rooted human needs

& our modern medical technologies. 

I come to you with a Cornerstone Labor & Postpartum Doula Certification,

a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, & a passion to nurture families.


I am here to see you as a whole person & provide personalized care to fit your needs.

During prenatal visits, I'll get to know your birth vision, provide education regarding options, discuss fears and practice comfort techniques. As labor progresses, I will transform your birth space into a dimly lit, relaxing atmosphere complete with lights, essential oils, sounds & my calming touch. During postpartum, we'll process your birth together, I'll instill confidence in you by providing support with baby care, lactation, body healing and anything in between.

I want people to follow their gut instincts & trust themselves.


This is your body, your choice, your baby & your family.


I will nurture you, keep you well-fed,

fully hydrated, & keep you and your team as comfortable as possible,

no matter how many pillows it may take.

I am here to relieve stress and normalize the birth

& postpartum process.


I'll keep it real with you.


I am an empathetic, calm, creative, music-lover

who strives to make every environment as cozy as possible.

I am passionate about cooking, floral design, exploring the world

& most of all making connections with others.

Let's get to know each other better!



. . .

I went into labor before 40 weeks
and Julia was there on a moments notice
to guide me through labor.



Julia Larson


Oakland, California


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