Julia Larson


Oakland, California


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Serving the Bay Area since 2019

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About Julia

Hello, I am Julia Larson, the founder of Urban Flora Doula Care. I'm based in Oakland, California, and I provide care for families throughout the greater bay area.

Urban Flora Doula Care is committed to finding the beauty & balance

between our deep-rooted human needs

& our modern medical technologies. 

I come to you with a Cornerstone Labor & Postpartum Doula Certification,

a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, & a passion to nurture families.


I am here to see you as a whole person & provide personalized care to fit your needs.

During prenatal visits, I'll get to know your birth vision, provide education regarding options, discuss fears and practice comfort techniques. As labor progresses, I will transform your birth space into a dimly lit, relaxing atmosphere complete with lights, essential oils, sounds & my calming touch. During postpartum, we'll process your birth together, I'll instill confidence in you by providing support with baby care, lactation, body healing and anything in between.

I want people to follow their gut instincts & trust themselves.


This is your body, your choice, your baby & your family.


I will nurture you, keep you well-fed,

fully hydrated, & keep you and your team as comfortable as possible,

no matter how many pillows it may take.

I am here to relieve stress and normalize the birth

& postpartum process.


I'll keep it real with you.


I am an empathetic, calm, creative, music-lover

who strives to make every environment as cozy as possible.

I am passionate about cooking, exploring the world

& most of all making connections with others.

Let's get to know each other better!



"My partner and I were so happy to have had Julia with us during my labor (and as a great resource during pregnancy as well). She put us at ease and remained calm through it all. She provided three comphrensive prenatal sessions in which we went over all things birth related and had the chance to talk about anything that was on our minds. I went into labor before 40 weeks and Julia was there on a moments notice to guide me through labor. I was able to have a beautiful,  basically intervention-less birth in part because of Julia's support. She will make your labor a lot smoother and will support you however you need support at that time. We highly recommend Julia if you are looking for support before, during and after your birth."

"Julia's non-judgemental approach and calm demeanor provided us the space and reassurance to feel confident in our unique journey.  As my labor began a few days earlier than expected, Julia reminded us of the strategies we practiced for early labor and joined us to travel to the hospital together. She helped support both my husband and me throughout the labor and delivery--she reminded us of our preferences, helped us navigate the hospital experience, provided hands-on pain management, coached us through contractions, and stayed by our side through the post-delivery process. Julia was a steadfast source of calm and focus. She stayed connected with us and helped problem solve throughout labor and delivery. Julia is a natural and we feel so fortunate to have had her on our team. We recommend her without reservation to anyone looking for a positive, dedicated, knowledgeable doula."

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